Become a Full Gospel Pastor

Dear Pastors,

We are so thankful and excited that you have shown an interest in the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship. God is bringing kindred minds together in spirit and in truth. Becoming a part of this Fellowship is simple and easy. All you have to do is complete the application included in this packet, submit payment and mail it to our International Headquarters.

Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship
c/o LaTeisha Allen | 1691 Phoenix Boulevard, Suite 200 | Atlanta, Georgia 30349



1. “If one becomes a part of the Fellowship, must he/she change the name of their church to “Full Gospel”?
2. If I hold a title/position in another fellowship or reformation, will that title be transferable to “Full Gospel?
Titles earned and recognized in another fellowship will be honored but not transferable to the Fellowship. The term “Overseer” is usually precluded with “general”, “state” and/or “district”. Overseers are appointed and installed for service and therefore credentials from another reformation will not be accepted. They are not consecrated to perform their duties, but must be properly trained. A Bishop in the Fellowship is “a consecrated member of the Fellowship who is entrusted with a position of authority and oversight.” Since its inception, the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International has not accepted the consecration of other denominations and reformations into the Bishopric. Full Gospel now recognizes that an individual consecrated in another reformation may desire to become a part of “Changing A Generation.” When a Bishop with a credential from another Reformation approaches the Fellowship about joining, for the first-time, they are presented with two options: Option A, joining as a Covenant Partner Pastor or Option B, joining as an Adjunct Bishop to the Fellowship, which is a category reserved for individuals credentialed as a Bishop by another Reformation, who desire to be considered for full assimilation into the Bishopric of Full Gospel. For more information, please contact Headquarters or your local District Overseer.
3. Must one leave their present affiliation to be a part of the FGBCF?”
NO. We are a Fellowship that comes together to fellowship with the Lord and each other. You can very well do both. We believe that it is very important that the “walls of tradition” come down. Let us add to what is encouraging by allowing others to see what God is doing through the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, which is coming together in One Spirit in the Body of Christ.

4.What must one do to become a member?
You must be a part of the Body of Christ, participate in covenant partners’ campaigns as well as make a debt-free pledge of any amount. Each Church is asked for their continued support through Covenant Partner with a $120/ per month commitment. You can also accomplish your Covenant Partner commitment by asking 12 members of your congregation to give $10 per month. Additionally, each Pastor is asked for their continued support through Covenant Partners with a $120/ per year, individually. The Covenant Partner reporting period is from July 1st –through June 30th of the calendar year. Every annual Conference starts a new Covenant Partner year. Special Plan Pastors are $30.00 per month, which represents the Pastor and immediate family. This is a temporary plan and after one year the Special Plan Pastors will graduate to Senior Pastor Only or Pastor and congregation. This year is not predicated in a twelve-month period, but starts annually with every new annual conference, which begins a new Covenant Partner year.